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Our cutting edge behavioral science workshops are ideal for anyone to have a great quality of life.

About the Founder

kirtanya_profileKirtanya is an entrepreneur, author, powerful trainer and a prolific speaker. Also, she presents various programs on psychology and behavior on leading TV channels which are eagerly watched by the general public. Over 3,00000 people have participated in her workshops within a very short span.

Our Workshops

mindfresh workshopsWe offer various Teen & Adult Empowerment workshops which, with its unique combination of Behavioural Science, Neuro Science and also, Transactional Analysis cater to various needs of teens (Flying Elephants), parents (Teen Brain), corporates (Maximum Achievement) and pregnant couples.

A clipping of a session by Kirtanya in a ladies college

What we do

Flying Elephants

Flying Elephants Workshop certainly, mentors and trains the student through the turbulent times of teen age. In fact, it equips them with emotional intelligence necessary for great breakthroughs.

MindFresh Brings to you powerful mind tools, strategies and also, the secrets to create immediate impact in behaviours and hence, producing significant positive changes in life.


We also, partner with various schools/colleges to provide holistic education and so, sculpt healthy behaviors amidst peers and to mentor a fast distracted impulsive world of students.


A Glimpse of Success