Why You Can!

Why You Can! 300 300 Kirtanya

People give reasons all the time.

Sometimes for some tasks, they give themselves reasons as to why they CAN’T. And sometimes it is why they CAN!

There are some people who perpetually live on the Can’t camp, some people who perpetually live on the CAN camp, and there are the hybrids.

Hybrids are people who shift between Can and Can’t in the course of life events.  Imagine finding a reasons of why you ‘Can’  when the task is suicide and a reason procedure of ‘“Can’t” for the task of facing life without the ex.  What screwed up psychology will it produce?

For an important task today that is both positive and constructive in the long run, to your well-being, give yourself reasons Why you can.

Go on, list at least 25 reasons.

When you do this stand up your body in the superman body language.

Tap into the power of CAN psychology.

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