Know Your Kid

If you are a parent for sure no one can question the love you have for your child. However, your skills as a parent can be questioned. You, who gets trained before even to drive a car, you who study twenty years to get a job, what training have you taken to mold a young life? Also, do you know that the best intentions with your children have been your worst actions that damages your child for the rest of its life? Therefore, Know Your Kid will give you the know how you need to be effective with your children. The skills you learn here will bring about more cooperation from children than all the yelling and pleading in the world.

  • First, acquire the skills to tackle the challenges of raising a child.
  • Then, learn the psychology of obstinacy and the right way to handle
  • Also, Get co-operation without arguments and fights
  • Hence, be rid of warning, threats and punishments and learn the alternative skills of getting things done
  • And also, aim for academic excellence without nagging
  • Learn what makes children tick

Your investment of one day will insure a life time happiness and success to your kids.

Do you know that the best intentions with your children, in fact, have been your worst ideas, that damages your child for the rest of its life? Know Your Kid will give you the knowledge on how you need to be effective with your children.


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The parenting workshop gave me a whole new perspective of my child. First, I learnt that there are lots of things in parenting that we overlook or take for granted. And, there were a lot of how-come-i-missed-that and oh-that-only-makes-sense insights in the program. Ms. Kirtanya’s passion for the subject and crystal clear communication and presentation only added to the WOW factor. I’ve tried a lot of tips given during the workshop and have seen them work and I believe it’s a must attend program for all parents. Thanks and good luck to Mindfresh for their continued success. – Sowmya Rajagopalan, Tambaram.

I am very happy and blessed to attend this course. Hope and wish that I could follow and practice the golden rules and ways to help my child. – Praveena Karthik, Velachery.

Each and every parent should in fact, attend this workshop. – Vanaja Ganapathy, Thousand Lights.