About Kirtanya

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Author

Kirtanya is an entrepreneur, author, powerful trainer and a prolific speaker. She presents various programs on psychology and behavior on leading TV channels which are eagerly watched by the general public. Over 3,00000 lakh people have participated in her workshops within a very short span of time.

MindFresh Training Academy is the brainchild of Kirtanya. At Mindfresh she brings together cutting edge Neuro-science and Transactional analysis to provide a unique training experience for achieving excellence and happiness. While Kirtanya is a much sought after Corporate trainer, her true passionate mission is to help young adults perform at their peak. Her Flying Elephants workshop for the teens are highly acclaimed for inspiring the teens.

The unique gift of Kirtanya is to address very large audience and to hold them in rapt attention. Highly prestigious educational institutions across the country invite her to train their students en masse.

Listening to Kirtanya is an experience that everyone must have at least once in a lifetime.