For a life of connection and love…

For a life of connection and love… 150 150 Kirtanya

To dominate

To refuse to be dominated.

Claiming to be right.

Claiming the other person is wrong.

Struggling for survival of an idea.

Masking up for the idea.

These are all the games of human beings. To be more precise the games of the ego.

The ego makes use of an ideal, or ideology for its survival. An ideal of perfection. An ideal of love. An ideal of behaviour. A set of beliefs.

With an active ego, you have a tendency to identify yourself with any decision or an opinion.

You tend to get stuck and become positional.

If your idea or opinion was refused and not accepted, you feel “you” are refused.

Your entire being is reduced to one single idea and you don’t want to lose. So you struggle for the survival of that idea. Or you actively mask up your vulnerabilities.This leads to resistance every time you come across a new idea; a new concept, or a new belief.

Some people play this game so proficiently. These are the miserable ones who have successfully alienated all the near and dear ones.

For a life of connection and love, you don’t need these games. You don’t need lifeless ideas.

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