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About Flying Elephants

A workshop designed to help you take flight with any weight.
Teen years are all about having boundless, seemingly never-ending energy. Help teach your child how to channel that energy, into productive pursuits that will benefit them in the long run.
The Flying Elephants Workshop for Teens is fun, a 3-day, mind and brain empowerment workshop for 12 to 18 year olds. We use cutting edge techniques NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Transactional Analysis in a fun and engaging way to prepare your teen for a successful and happy life as an adult.
If you’re wondering why your child needs a workshop to teach them how to think and behave, when you yourself didn’t need one growing up… That’s a great question.

The circumstances are different.
The rules are different.
So the instruction manual has to be different.

Being teen today can at times be very frustrating. A few issues that have increased in complexity since you were their age are:
  • The technology and the unique complications they bring with them.
  • The amount of information we require them to retain and reproduce at school has quadrupled.
  • The goals set for them by their parents and educators have become much more ambitious, and therefore, much more stress-inducing than ever before.
  • The reported amount of stress, an average 8th grader faces in day to day life, is significantly more than their counterparts from 15 or even 10 years ago.
  • The violence, gore and unpleasantness the average Indian teenager is apathetic to, would have been downright frightening to children of the same age growing up it say... the 80’s.
  • None of this is their fault. This is the world we live in.
  • The best gift you can give your children this summer are the skills to tackle these newfound dilemmas with grace and maturity.
  • Skills we believe they will carry with them - into a well adjusted and successful adulthood

You can watch videos from some of our previous workshops here.
You can also watch this video put together some of the kids who went through the Flying Elephants Workshop for Teens in the past.
We’ll let the attendees speak for themselves. Read testimonials from teens who participated in the workshop previously.

Aug 24th –  26th, 2018 (English Batch).
Sept 28th –  30th, 2018.
Oct 19th – 21st, 2018.
Dec 28th – 30th, 2018.

For details contact: 98408 41487

Why at all my teen needs to attend this program?
The times we the parents were teen, the world was not like this. We had our own challenges but nothing of the sort our teens are facing. An average teen spends more time on gadgets than he has to be spending with studies or skill improvement strategies. Relationship with friends, girl and boy friends is getting more importance than the relationship with parents and relatives. The distractions and negativity is more aggressive than positivity and focus.
Flying Elephants is here to empower the mind and brain of your teenager to cross through this most important at the same time tough time of their life. A teen who is able to pass through this phase without much damage, is like life is settled. Any mistake that is made in this period costs their life.
Why should you take a chance with your teenager? Why can’t we as parents go an extra mile to empower them with necessary strategies to handle their own belief systems, identify and steer their emotional world to positivity, understand the importance of permanent relationships in life, take a head-start when it comes to their academics with whole brain involved studies. Flying Elephants will ensure that your teens understand their world better, their priorities, reciprocate your unconditional love, introduce them to the world of self-love and confidence.
Do not miss the opportunity. Get your children trained and mentored by Kirtanya.

Who conducts this workshop? How long have you been conducting these workshops?
As of 2016 year end, we have conducted 30+ Flying Elephants workshops in all over Tamil Nadu. Our participants count has crossed 1000! Most of our workshops happens at IIT Madras Research Park, Taramani, Chennai. Apart from chennai we have conducted workshops in Hosur, Vellore and Coimbatore. The first batch was in 2012 and we have stepped in our fifth year of workshops this year!
Kirtanya is the chief resource person for the Flying Elephants workshops. She has about 18 years of experience in guiding the younger generation to their excellence. She relates to the teenagers as one among them, understanding what they are exactly going through, guide them with her experience and expertise gained over the years.
She holds a master certification in NLP and Transactional Analysis. More than education in paper, she connects with teens with her personal experience, which inspires and motivates the teens to be their best.
Kirtanya with her ably assisting team will be delivering the workshop to the utmost satisfaction and return on investment for the participants and parents.

What is the ideal age group for participating in the Flying Elephants Workshop?
The workshop is an intense program in reprogramming the mind and brain of the participants. Hence the entry level age is 12 years. It was thirteen years when we started, now we have relaxed to 12 years, because of the pre-teen syndrome and request from parents!
The upper limit is 19 years. It would be ideal for people who are preparing for competitive exams, group level examinations, Bank Examinations, CA and CWA Aspirants too.

Do you think three days are enough for the workshop to bring about a transformation in the teens?
Well, that depends on what you expect from the workshop and your teens. Keep in mind, none of the problems gets developed in a day, and it is not possible to dissolve them in a day. The most complex and most difficult thing to do in this world is to tame the human mind. Especially in the teen years it looks like an impossible task.
We have tried do this and been successful only because the relevance of our content and the way it strikes a chord with the teenagers. We intend to sow the seeds of knowledge and wisdom to every teen we come across. And we have always seen that is bears fruit at the time of need.
This knowledge that has been transferred in the form of discussions, introspections, reflections, activities, video-audio sessions, insights will always stay with them and show light in their path of success.

What is the duration of the program?
Flying Elephants is a 3 day intensive training program. Timing is from 8.30 am to 6.00pm. On the third day, we have a session for the parents from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. The children will also have the session till 7.00 pm on the last day. Once the program gets over, you can enjoy the dinner outing with your family on the way back to your home!

Language of instruction?
The workshop will be conducted in mix of Tamil & English. Tamil is used to connect with the audience and make them feel comfortable. The training materials will be given in English only. If you follow both tamil and english, you will feel very comfortable throughout the program.
Understanding both the languages is mandatory for the registration of workshop, though proficiency is not required.   

Full day workshop from morning to evening? Timing sounds more horrible than school. Will our kids have the patience to listen for such long hours?
The workshop does not follow school model. Our training methodology is time tested and designed based on cutting edge neuroscience and transactional analysis. We do not bore the kids with advices or lectures. The classes will be highly interactive, insightful, with relevant exercises, games and fun filled activities.

Why do we parents have a session in program in the program of teens?
We do have an exclusive session for the parents at the end of the three day workshop for the parents. It is a compulsory session for both the parents to participate. The session is aimed at creating a support system for your children to be their best. Emotional connection with your teen might work magic for the persistent problems that you have been facing with your teen!    

How long will the effects last? Will constant reinforcement from parents be necessary?
There are two kinds of transformation that we can look at the end of Flying Elephants. The liberations that teens feel about their looks, belief systems, confidence and fear factors will be vanished from that instant. We teach effective NLP exercises and other techniques which will enable your teen to come out of certain issues once and for all.
The second kind of transformation, on bringing out discipline in applying study skills, etc might take some time and more effort from the participants.
Moreover, in general issues are classified as:

  • Age related – Issues that a typical teenager faces in terms of distractions, relationship stress, rebellious attitude, high risk adventures, etc.,
  • Situation related – Tough times to cross like a recent death in the family, separation between parents, change of school or city etc.,  
  • Pregnancy related – Emotional imbalance due to excessive fear, stress, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, etc.,

It is easy to work on problems related to the first two. Once we correct their belief systems and equip them necessary knowledge the age and situation related issues get solved. But pregnancy related issues need a lot of time and effort. It requires consistent effort from the participant, parents and intervention from a therapist.
Conversely, the workshop is a must attend for teens with pregnancy related issues. Since this experience might give them a picture of what they are fighting against and the knowledge to continue this long battle to achieve success.

Do you have any follow up methodology for the participants to check their fall back or guide them for times to come after they participate.
We do connect with our participants by sending them interesting articles to read through emails. We also have our blogging space where we keep posting inspiring content. We also fix a webinar once in a month for the participants to listen to Kirtanya and other resource people.
We do conduct higher level workshops in the participants can participate and get trained in various other areas.

What is the course fee?
Our charges for this 3 full day workshop is 7,900 Rs + 15% Service Tax.
The course fee is inclusive of Registration kit, training materials, stationery, parents session, Lunch, morning and evening snacks for all three days.

The course fee seems to be high.
There are some things which cannot be given a price tag. Our solution based “Flying Elephants” workshop is of that kind. Now-a-days parents are struggling to inculcate discipline, values on their children. Even making them listen to what they say is a great challenge. Our workshop teaches them the above in a unique way they listen and internalize. Usually our participants share their experience and the changes in them at the end of three days. A few are listed below.

  • I am able to realize the love and the sacrifices of my parents.
  • I have now realised that limitation is in my mind and not in reality.
  • I’ve decided that studies are important than girl/boy friend.
  • I’ve understood I should not touch alcohol, even if my friends compel me to do so.

These changes in their attitude and character are priceless. Try our program once and you will conclude the same!

My child is finding very difficult to cope up with studies. He has problems with concentration and memory retention. Will this course be helpful to him?
The human brain has enormous potential to learn. Every day research reveals more information than we ever know about the plasticity of the human brain.
Peak learning does not happen in the conventional ways.  At Flying Elephants, we teach brain friendly ways of studying. Study skills which are effective and easily applicable. These skills make studying easy and interesting. They understand the language of the brain and learn in a way they never thought it was possible. The memory skills help them place the information in their long term memory. Effective ways of reading, revision, concentration are taught and the students are encouraged to test the methods during the workshop itself. Powerful and effective meditations and NLP exercises are dealt for improvement in confidence, courage and concentration.
This workshop will change the emotion he brings to his academics and improve his academic performance immensely.

I find my child having extreme mood swings. Some times he is approachable and behaves properly. Few times it becomes so difficult to converse with him and understand what he is going through. Why does this happen? Will this workshop help?
We teach the science of emotions and how they get triggered. Anger, Fear, Stress, there are loads of negative emotions that our teens attract on a daily basis. At Flying Elephants, we help them to identify, handle and change their mental state and accompanied emotions irrespective of the situations they face.
We take help from the NLP Techniques to shift mental states.

He is very shy, unable to make friends and communicate properly with people. Will this workshop help?
Many limitations about the teen’s personality are belief related. Shyness, being an introvert, unable to converse with people, are all at the end of the day what they view as their personality. Once they realise this and transcend these limited beliefs they are no longer limited. They gain the flexibility to be whatever they wish to be! That’s exactly what we want to achieve in Flying Elephants.

My child is already good in studies and other things. Why does he need such a course?
This course will help him move from good to the best. Any body has a scope for improvement and needs a kick to get out of the comfort zone!
Once a participant, who was already very successful participated in the program and made this statement. “Now I know why I am successful. It feels so nice to get know the secret and it gives me immense confidence that was not an accident, and I can replicate this success in areas in which I would not have otherwise done!”

The venue is too far from my residence.   Is the workshop conducted in any other place?
Our workshop are normally conducted in IIT Madras Research Park, Taramani. We are also looking out other venues to be more reachable to our participants.
On the other hand, we have participants coming from Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli and various other parts of the city, who come here, stay and participate in the program. When compared with them, our journey is much shorter!
So, when you have a will to participate, you will find the way as well!

My child is doing well in other activity like sports, music etc than studies. will this course help him guide him to choose his career?
Yes, Definitely. Concentration, Focus, Corrected Belief systems are not required only for studies for every other aspect of life. We have had teens with aspirations of becoming musicians, dancers, sports aspirants, photography experts participating and reaping the maximum benefit from the program.

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Vijay, 12th, MCTM School, Chennai

I came to my first MindFresh Flying Elephants workshop when I was in 8th Standard. I was lean and short then and hence being constantly put down by people around me. I was very sad about it and wanted to any thing possible to come out of it.

That was when I was put into this Magical workshop called Flying Elephants by my father. It was truly a life turning event for me. My grades have been only A and A+ from that time. Gift your children with an experience of MindFresh and Kirtanya and you would be glad for helping them fly.

Puru Mathur, 12th, St. John's Residential School, Chennai

With Flying Elephants, a lot of unanswered questions in my teens were answered. I was able to see the blessings that I had in my life than to complain about things that I did not have. I lost my father when I was very young, but had a mom who was strong enough to support herself and me.

Today, I am a happy teen, focusing on my strengths, concentrating on things over which I have control. I wish MindFresh had a school, where I can come fill my cup every day!

Deekshith, 12th, Hiranandani Upscale School

Before Flying Elephants, I was just a normal teen. I had everything, parent’s support, good school, above average performance and friends in school. Yet, I could take back something extra-ordinary from the workshop. It was the knowledge about myself, my true potential and the way to go forward.
Today, after an year of my first experience with MindFresh, I have a clear plan about the path I want to travel. I am no longer lead by chance, I have clear choices in my mind and proceed on the path of excellence.