Are you the real you?

I guard my freedom with my life. Most of us let other people influence us. Based on their opinion of us, we make our decisions. It is the fear of insecure people which rubs off on us, ultimately making us behave in a way they would like us to behave. So someone calls me “Arrogant […]

A terrible mistake that every father must avoid!

When your daughter is 14, you might see her looking at boys flirtatiously. You will have a mild heart attack and all kinds of anger will pump through your system. And that’s okay. But never, ever make the mistake of telling her mother, “It’s all because of you! It’s your responsibility to have done a […]

To build your child’s self respect…

Self respect is not just created by what you say or don’t say to your child. It is created by the things you let them do by themselves. It is created when you don’t answer the questions put to them. It is created when you don’t add on to their answers. It is created when […]

You Are….

You are the aggregate of the 5 people you spend your most time with. Whether you like it or not, they will determine who you will become, your tastes, your life path, your achievements and your life’s mission. Surround yourself with greatness and you can’t help but be great. Surround yourself with mediocrity. You will […]

Find things to love.

You find what you hate. You find what you fear. You find what you love. This is the unbroken law of the mind. Eternal law of life. Be fool enough to hate or Be coward enough to fear. But a better way to open up life might be to love. To Love. Find things to […]

For a life of connection and love…

To dominate To refuse to be dominated. Claiming to be right. Claiming the other person is wrong. Struggling for survival of an idea. Masking up for the idea. These are all the games of human beings. To be more precise the games of the ego. The ego makes use of an ideal, or ideology for […]

Get out… By yourself!

A fire broke out in a house in which a man was fast asleep.   They tried to carry him out through the window.   No way.   They tried to carry him out through the door.   No way.  He was just too huge and heavy. They were pretty desperate till someone suggested, “Wake […]

Miraculous Miracles 

If miracles do not happen to you, then there is something wrong with you. I am serious. Miracles are real, and if they don’t happen to you then there is something wrong with you. Your limb need not heal instantly. The ex that you are pining for still, need not walk back into your life. […]

Bird’s & Worm’s View

Look at things like a bird. Look at things like a worm. Become the bird of the skies, whose eyes span kilometers and kilometers with no clear definitions of anything. Become the worm, with its belly stuck on the ground, seeing just a few centimeter ahead, but seeing it with pristine clarity. Generally, putting on the […]

Why You Can!

People give reasons all the time. Sometimes for some tasks, they give themselves reasons as to why they CAN’T. And sometimes it is why they CAN! There are some people who perpetually live on the Can’t camp, some people who perpetually live on the CAN camp, and there are the hybrids. Hybrids are people who […]


Just Imagine for a moment you dress up like Obama, full make-up and all. You just discovered that you are the greatest actor of all times and for a moment the entire world is taken in by your act.  They think you are Obama and put you in the white house.   You are on […]