Kirtanya Krishnamurthy, an inspiring young leader, is passionate about working with the untapped potential of our people. She has inspired thousands of youngsters and employees by training them to take charge of their lives through powerful mind-science techniques. The founder of a fast-growing company called “MindFresh Training” Kirtanya is today, an icon for the youth of Tamil Nadu.

A pioneer and a visionary of great social change, Kirtanya is deeply passionate about training the society as a whole for a better cohabitation and utilization of resources. Her workshops attract a huge audience from all walks of society.

Kirtanya’s media programs on the intricate workings of the human mind telecast regularly on national television have become top ten-rated programs. Her papers on self-improvement and youth development featured in the various leading dailies have found a niche in the elite sector.

She is a certified Master trainer in NLP, completed courses in Transactional Analysis and Silva Mind Control. She has also taken various other courses in psychology and social psychology and has come out with flying colors.

Corporate programs conducted by her in the following companies:

  • Ajuba Solutions India Limited
  • Zoho Development Center
  • Virtusa Software
  • CWA Institute
  • ICAI Institute Students
  • Staff of Sundarrajan & Associates
  • Elsewire Publishing Limited
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • AKR Textiles Tiruppur and many more

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