A terrible mistake that every father must avoid!

A terrible mistake that every father must avoid! 150 150 Kirtanya

When your daughter is 14, you might see her looking at boys flirtatiously. You will have a mild heart attack and all kinds of anger will pump through your system. And that’s okay.

But never, ever make the mistake of telling her mother, “It’s all because of you! It’s your responsibility to have done a good job on her, and you screwed up big time.” or worse still, “Your daughter know, how else will she be, like mother like daughter!?”

That’s a terrible mistake and fundamentally stupid in so many ways.


  1. Teen age daughters need their mother’s friendship and intimate counsel to pass through tough times. Lots and lots of researches point out to that fact, just google. You gain nothing by teaching your daughter to disrespect her mother or her advises. Especially in today’s terrible world of instant connectivity.

  2. When she hits her puberty, Nature, which is infinitely more powerful than all the man-made rules of how women should behave sexually, takes over her body and mind. It triggers in her a lot of curiosity about the human body: hers as well as his. Just because she is awakening to her sexuality does not mean, she is not virtuous.

  3. To blame nature’s effects on her mother is., er., heights of idiocy. You will have better chances of guiding your daughter, if that’s your true intention, when you and your wife function as a team. If you just want to throw your weight around, then of course, continue to be a self-important egotist. I will have nothing to say to that.

  4. Finally, Nope, she isn’t your wife’s responsibility, she is equally your responsibility. If you thought being busy earning money for your family and being emotionally unavailable to your loved ones is what being ‘masculine’ is all about, then you have only your stupidity to be blamed for your daughter’s plight today.

35 odd years on the planet is a pretty long time for an intelligent man to realize that ‘love’, ‘joy’, ‘peace’, ‘trust’, ‘success’… are all not attained through ego and blame-allotment, no?

If you are not that intelligent yet, at least, do your daughter a favor and don’t teach her to ridicule and disrespect her mother.

That IS a terrible mistake.

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