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All of us have had our share of disappointment, frustration and failures. We have had ours too. And everyone has two choices: blame the situation or the person. Blaming is easy and does not require any extra effort. However, what you stand to lose is your valuable time.

The second choice is to take ownership of your life. But how? How do you train yourself to take charge and regain control? Where do you begin?

Enrol yourself in the appropriate MindFresh Workshop. And start your journey of self-empowerment and wellness. We have both online and offline workshops for your teens and preteens too.

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All our materials are based on science, proven research materials backed with data.

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You get world class training and learning experience at Indian pricing!

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Don't wait long to see your progress. Transformation is right here!

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Book for unmarried young women

Get My Exclusive Book For Young Indian Women

“Don’t Marry a Frog” for just Rs. 499

If you are a young woman in a relationship or aspiring for one, this book will help you navigate long-term relationships, manage parental social status games, and communicate your problems without losing either yourself or your cherished relationships.

Young men can also read the book to learn how to become a prince and find the princess he deserves.

What Our Participants say?

The 3 day E2E workshop and the subsequent mastery has enabled me to unravel the secrets that I was sharing with no one. It gave me the confidence to kickstart my UPSC preparation with renewed energy and jest.

Mugil Prasanna

E2E mastery Participant

I was too focused on one area of my life, neglecting the others. Joining MindFresh changed my perspective. I learned that I can give importance to all areas of my life equally. Paradoxically, now I am achieving more than what I used to do earlier.

Santhiya K

MindFresh Club Member

I lacked the consistency and confidence to pursue my dreams. I was limited in my thinking due to the limited exposure. With E2E, I explored myself and the environment I am in everyday. I have gained consistency through mastery and that has improved my confidence!

Anu A

E2E Mastery Participant

MindFresh has been a part of my life since my Flying Elephant Junior days. MindFresh workshops helped, motivated me and brought out my strengths. I am really blessed to have met Kirtanya, who transformed me from a shy preteen to a confident teenager. 

Sundaravelan R

FE Junior, Preteen Mentoring, FE Teens

Our Achievements

We have been in the people work for the last 11 years reaching out to more than 10,00,000 participants across Tamil Nadu. Our online and offline workshops have created a positive impact on people, making them mindful and joyful.

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