Are you in tune?

Teen Brain – Are you in tune?

In the first place, learn the secrets to tune into the challenging teen-age mind with Kirtanya. This 4 hour workshop will in fact, help you understand the critical factors impacting your teens and their academics right now, and hence helps you to refocus and realign on the strategy, skill and psychology you need as a parent for guiding your child towards high achievements, Character and Emotional Intelligence.
It’s no secret in fact, that smart phones and instant connectivity to peers are creating havoc in the teen world. 

Your children tune you out as well as, they tune into high levels of risks. Most of the teen behaviors of rudeness, laziness, aversion to studies, and in addition, obsession with the opposite sex and addiction to texting are all not behavioral issues.

In fact, they are brain issues. In this workshop Kirtanya strategically breaks down the ‘TEEN MIND’ to help you discover which skills can be used to go into their world, to help them open up to you and also to make sure your voice is being heard. Furthermore, create an atmosphere that can ensure high levels of performance at an age when performance matters the most.

Watch now, as Kirtanya talks in the Television show on parenting as a skill.

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Teen Mind is a parenting workshop designed to make the parents understand about their teen’s brain and mind. Many times we find that the activities of our teens are literally driving us crazy! Most of the times, they do the exact opposite of what we expect them to do How do we really handle these teenagers? Do we really have to mind or let them free? Are they only a bundle of hormones that we have no way to channelize? What is going on in their MIND? Do they have something called as Brain? Many parents are haunted by these questions and are really in need of an answer not only for themselves but to save their teens as well. Yes, this is an exclusive session for parents with teens. It is a place to get enlightened about the behaviour of your teen, take solace with the knowledge of the recent researches about the teen mind and brain and help them achieve excellence and greater performance. We will make sure that you will not regret this decision but enjoy it the most!
Communication is not just the words that we use. It is more complex, yet simple if we know the dance of communication!  When it comes to communicating with a teen, it is definitely an art. Many parents struggle to get it right. When our communication does not fetch the expected results, we get frustrated. Repeated instructions, heated arguments and blame games follow.  The only conversation that seems to happen at home is the mediocre assigning of tasks – Do this, don’t do this.
If you are losing your teen’s attention in the second line of your conversation, then this workshop is a must attend for you.
Remember, only as a friend you can enter into your teen’s world and not as a parent.
Dear Parent, sorry to disappoint you, more than 80% of the teens lie to their parents even when they are given the freedom to do whatever they like. Even more shocking news is that when parents give unlimited freedom to their teens, they think that their parents are not concerned about their well-being. So, it is not unconditional freedom that is going to help your teens to learn responsibility, but guided free space around them.
You need to be a part of this workshop to understand the perils of unlimited freedom. Instead try creating accountability and responsibility in your teens.
Just for a minute, think that you have swapped your position with your wife. You need to get everything done out of your teen. Right from getting up to completing assignments. Can you assure that you will have 0 problems with your teens? It is just that since you are not taskmaster, you assume you have no issues.
TeenMind is not a program for parents with troubled teens. It is a must attend workshop for all parents who have a teen at home! And for both the parents. We do not believe in one person attending it and sharing the information with the other. If you want to play a vital role in the life of your teen, then you should be here equipping yourself to be a mentor for your teens.
Very good question!  Teen mind workshop is designed to identify the root causes for the problems you face with your teens. Their problems can be easily identified into two buckets – brain related issues or behaviour related issues.
The solutions for both the kind of problems will be discussed. At the end of the program, you will leave with the satisfaction of understanding the black box of the teen mind and brain. And you would also enroll your teens for our teens workshop to help them learn what you enjoyed and learnt with us!
How much can you value, if your teen is able to confide their fears and seek your guidance at the right time without without taking any bad decisions? How much can you offer in value if your strained relationship with your teen is healed because of this course? Can you ever value it in money, if arguments you had with your teen has been reduced drastically?
Few things cannot be valued in money, and so is the services that we offer to the parents. We do not talk the common sense parenting advice that you can listen from your friends / relatives. Our workshops are unique, backed by science and psychology. You will learn real solutions to your problems. Hence the price is very nominal and this should not be a reason for you to skip the program.


Date and Time

Sunday : 5th November 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm


IIT Madras Research Park, Tharamani

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Dr.Smitha Kumar, Pediatrician Arogya clinic , T.Nagar

Bringing up kids in today’s fast paced era with too many temptations and not enough guidance is very difficult, in the first place. Furthermore, parenting is one of the most important jobs that we have for which we have not received any formal training. Hence, we are responsible for moulding our children into sensitive, compassionate, confident individuals and Kirthanya’s workshops really help in that.

Her parenting and ‘Teen Brain’ workshops for parents and equally ‘Flying elephants’ workshops for teens is a “must attend” course which gives amazing insights into our brain psychology. And also, it gives techniques for holistic development of kids. I have attended and as well as, been coordinator in some workshops and can vouch for it. So come,attend and benefit!

Mrs. Kavitha Sridhar, Teacher, Peravallur

Excellent tips shared by Kirtanya. Thanks to her and MindFresh team. In the first place, made me feel how we should feel for kids and feel with them and so, to enhance our loving, listening and laughing, talking and living a productive life with our kids.

Radhika Santhosh, Home Maker, Triplicane

Very interactive and lively. Nail hit straight and, got me realize where I stand and where I need to head to.