ParentSmart Workshop

Hello Parent, Did you know that success starts young?

Before age 3, the brain develops 90% of foundation architecture for IQ, EQ, and SQ for whole of life. Most parents neglect this crucial phase to later suffer as kids struggle with school work, peer pressure and distraction. Act now.

Learn the simple things you can do to stimulate your child’s multiple intelligence – including social, creative, numerical and physical – and unlock his or her natural genius.

ParentSMART Workshop for Parents with kids between 0 to 6 years

1st Month Syllabus

TEFCAS – Success Mechanism for Babies & creating households that support it.

OUTCOMES: Boost Intelligence and establishing neural connections that create a growth mindset.

2nd Month Syllabus

Engaging Co-operation, setting limits, tackling stranger anxiety & sibling rivalry, healthy & unhealthy stubbornness.

OUTCOMES: Boost social skills and emotional Intelligence.

3rd month Syllabus

Radiant thinking, Concentration, Logic, Mathematics, Art, Music. Reading, Mind sports. Correcting C-section delivery’s effect.

OUTCOMES: Learn to unlock your kid’s natural true genius.

Join us for a Summary Workshop on 1st December 2019

Timing: 3pm to 6 pm.
Venue: IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani 600100.
Training Cost: 1000 Rs per person.
Call to reserve your seat today! 98402 43113.

If you own a pre-school, please call 98402 43113 to fix up an exclusive session for your parents.