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Just Imagine for a moment you dress up like Obama, full make-up and all. You just discovered that you are the greatest actor of all times and for a moment the entire world is taken in by your act.  They think you are Obama and put you in the white house.  

You are on a high. You are euphoric at all the power you are enjoying.

But do you also sense the fear that lurks behind all this excitement? The fear of being discovered for what you are? The fear of your mask getting ripped apart and your true identity revealed? The insecurity that will all the time hang around?

When you are busy projecting images of yourself, that is the state of insecurity that prevents you from truly experiencing life with joy.

When you have an image of being intelligent, every experience in which you are less than intelligent is an excruciating agony, to get back the image.

In the absence of these struggles of Image projection and maintenance, the true joy of life begins.

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