I’m not able to believe the way I had changed and the way I handle my husband now!

I’m a home-maker and my husband is an Entrepreneur who runs his own business. My parents got me married, at an young age. I was a very talented women, but all my talents were useful only to cook for my family, maintain the house and take care of my only son. Slowly I realised that my husband was turning to be an authoritarian and he started to believe that I was only an inferior to him and had no special talents. Many of our conversations turned into blames, accusations and long arguments which had no end. I wanted to be special and he wanted me to be his inferior.

For external world, it was a marriage with seemingly no big issues. But internally it was a very sad life, with a authoritative husband and a not so submissive wife. I found myself to be helpless and eventually, lost the hope that things would change. It was then, I attended Kirtanya’s Emotional Mastery workshop, which had completely given me a different perspective about my life.


The workshop was mindblowing, which had a huge impact on the way I handle things. The way she dealt the ego games and how it is played between two people, and how it drains energy and, the passion in the relationship was liberating. I realized that all this while we were only playing few repetitive, never ending games. When ideas posses people, and we get identified with our ego, we turn blind to the truth. We cling on to our own idea forever, until somebody like Kirtanya intervenes!

Just becoming aware these games, gave me a control over my life. I took steps to stop my contribution to the game, which made my husband’s position weak. Our fights lost the intensity which used to rob us of our sleep. Though everything is not back to normal, I am sure with the new knowledge, I have become my own-self and I have my space. I trust myself, I value myself and I refuse to play the victim in anybody’s hands.


The only way I can repay Kirtanya and MindFresh team is to volunteer for their programs again and again and empower myself and the society!