I still find it surprising, when I find that my maturity level has increased and I’m able to make a difference in the lives of people around me.

My father is an employee in an IT company and my mother is a homemaker. We all live in a joint family and we are an orthodox family firmly rooted in culture and religion. I often compared them with the stone age parents! NO is the only answer I receive – for hanging out with friends, wearing modern dresses, eating outside, watching movies in theaters, eating the food I like etc etc… I world that I saw in the four walls of my house and the one I saw outside of it was two polar opposites which literally drove me crazy!


Then one day, when I found that I could no longer endure all the pain, I started to do things, which were the exact opposite of what my parents wanted me to do. Waking up at 12 noon, when everybody was up early was just the beginning. I started to eat non-veg without my parents consent. I had secret pleasure when I found that they could do nothing about my rebellious behaviour. Days passed. Once I started, I could not stop nor could find a bridge to reconcile with my parents.


Then it was through one of my father’s colleagues, that my parents came to know about the Flying Elephants Workshop. I did not want to enter the IITM Campus, but could not refuse one opportunity, that could give me a chance to get back.

The workshop looked as though it was conducted only for me and my problems. I realised that I was not special but every other teen also travels the same bumpy road. I understood what it means to really to be in charge of my life and situations. Revenge could taste sweet at the beginning, but later turns into poison. Kirtanya made me understand that there is no point in doing things to irritate my parents, rather I can do things to make them love me, even if it costs sacrificing my little happiness.


I am now mature enough to see my parents as different individuals. Even if they do not reflect or respond to my feelings as the way I want them to, I make sure that I am not emotionally disturbed. Once my focus has been shifted from problems to solutions, I have found my cheerful self back. I attended the Goals for Teens workshop by Kirtanya and understood that my happiness is derived from helping people. I am working my way to set up an NGO, where I can be of positive influence in people’s lives.