I’m able to hear my inner-self telling ‘Not good enough… Work hard…..Keep going…..’. I never thought that I would be able to find peace in my relationships.

My father is an entrepreneur and my mother is a homemaker. I’m their only son. Though I had everything, I never felt my life complete. My father is a very authoritative person. He never felt the need to emotionally connect with anybody and assumed that we were also like him. There was no fun living in my house, where the constant chatter was only from the TV. I was under this constant complaint that, he never understood me, nor my feelings. He chose how I should live and there ended the story. The bond between us was missing from the beginning, and everytime I found ways to get close to him, I failed.

My mother, who could neither help me to solve my problem, nor talk to my father, felt dejected. As days passed, I grew up and found myself more and more isolated. I couldn’t do anything but undergo the pain. The only justification that I received whenever I shared my problem with my friends and relatives was that pain I endured was very less, compared to the pain, the people endure in the outside world. People suffer without food, money, etc., and I had the fortune to cry in my A/C room. I did not see pep talk help me in anyways.

Hoping that things would change one day, I managed to lead my life, leaving everything behind. Though at times, I felt strong, I couldn’t accept the fact that I was missing the much needed love from my father, that other teens of my age got, and this craving of mine killed me deep inside.


Then I came to Kirtanya’s MindFresh workshop, which made me recoup my mind-state. It was an eye-opening workshop, which made me realize that, I can not do much about my father’s nature. I realized that, it was the same love, I had been craving for, which he had been showing in a different way. Kirtanya’s words that ‘there could be a bad man, but never a bad father’ became a profound insight and healed my wounds. I started to accept his love, the way he showed, rather than complaining about it. I never expected that life could be much peaceful, when my perception to things changed.

I volunteered for the Flying Elephants Workshop many times, which made me more and more stronger. My father realising that this place is helping me, encouraged my participation more than ever. This workshop transformed me to a better version of myself – who was more focused and complained less!

Thank you Kirtanya and MindFresh Team!