I still wonder as how I could address the students of my school in an all school event. I still could not believe my eyes, when I see the picture of me, standing on the podium and addressing the students in the auditorium. I feel my life complete, when I see my parents, smiling at that picture, with a sense of pride and joyous tears rolling down their cheeks.


I was studying my 9th standard and I lacked self confidence. My parents were busy living their lives and running their business that I never got any encouragement from them. I slowly turned into an introvert – no friends, nobody to talk and share, always with the fear of rejection and failure. It was then, she entered my life.

I found this new relationship filling the void in my life. She supported me in everything, seemed to love me in all possible ways. She made me feel so secure, that I couldn’t stop myself from falling for her. Things went so smooth, until one day she left me for someone else, whom she had fallen for.

I couldn’t accept the hard fact that she ditched me. I kept mourning about my fate all day, and was totally depressed. I started to miss her so much and my craving for her intensified day by day. I felt identified with a complete failure fellow!

My parents realised my existence, when they found that I was completely invisible. They enrolled me in Flying Elephants workshop!


What a workshop it was! I could myself rolling on the floor and laughing when Kirtanya spoke about teen love! Biriyaani Biriyaani thaan and oorkaa oorkaai thaan was echoing in my ears for months after. I realized that love is just a part of the life and I must keep going even when everything around me is unfavourable. There is no point in mourning about the past, instead I focus to find ways to mould my future in such a way, that would make my parents feel proud of me. Last but not the least, I realized that I have to love myself and nobody else can love me the way I could love myself.

Things became so much better and I started to grab the opportunities that came on my way. The opportunity to speak in front of my school was just one among the many. I have referred more than 5 of my friends to the workshop and have volunteering many times. I have also gained the confidence to do interplays in Flying Elephants workshop. My parents have attended the workshops from Kirtanya for adults.


I was fortunate enough to attend – Flying Elephants, Goals for Teens, Focus for the boards, Communication Workshop – all the workshops from MindFresh for teens in the short span of 2 years. Every workshop was different and I found myself enjoying and learning at the same time.

I am proud to say that our family is a MindFresh family and we will remain that way forever!