Miraculous Miracles 

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If miracles do not happen to you, then there is something wrong with you.

I am serious. Miracles are real, and if they don’t happen to you then there is something wrong with you.

Your limb need not heal instantly. The ex that you are pining for still, need not walk back into your life. The financial crisis need not just vanish. These are big miracles and you don’t need them.

What you need are miracles everyday.

But in the moments when your own light has gone out, you will be rekindled by the spark from another person. The meeting of people and learning the right things from them is a miracle.

The small strange coincidences that happen to you at random, The small moments of insight, That exact sentence which makes you relieved of stress.

You will find signals everywhere that push you towards these miracles. Sometimes these miracles walk and talk as human beings. 

When you set up your psychology to find these miracles, your life becomes a marvel.



  • Mrithyunjai

    This is not just like another normal workshop in the city but something that will make you experience magic allah through the time… I am not a part of their team, but a participant in their workshops named ‘flying elephants’ and ‘goal setting for teens’… These workshops have changed each and every cell in my body by the way they approach people and make them a bit different from others….. They make these workshops a bit more interesting by adding some extremely superb and breathtaking activities to make you sail through the day… At the end of every workshop, there is not a single person who steps out of the hall without saying Kirtanya that “you have made a change in my life. Thank you so much Kirtanya…” I swear that once you attend any one of their workshop, you will become the ‘you’ who had been sleeping inside you…
    Thanking you

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