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Bizarre, but is it? – II
Bizarre, but is it? – II 150 150 Kirtanya

To proceed with our thread, why is it that the jewels that could not be sold cheap were picked up as hot cakes when they were doubly priced? How was the misunderstanding of an assistant who read 1/2 as 2 create such a phenomenon? To explain this bizarre behaviour of the masses, let’s just digress…

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Bizarre!! But is it, really?
Bizarre!! But is it, really? 150 150 Kirtanya

This incident happens in a jewelry shop at the U.S. The owner, a woman in her early thirties, had some trouble selling an allotment of jewels made of turquoise. That particular time the city was teeming with tourists. All day long people walked in and out of the store, but strangely no one seemed to be taking…

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