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Projections… 800 533 Kirtanya

Just Imagine for a moment you dress up like Obama, full make-up and all. You just discovered that you are the greatest actor of all times and for a moment the entire world is taken in by your act.  They think you are Obama and put you in the white house.   You are on…

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What is your focus today?
What is your focus today? 866 608 Kirtanya

To prove yourself or to grow in a skill? To seek validation or to become better at something? Is that focus a conscious one or an unconscious habitual behavior? No, we are not talking about the blatant efforts to prove. The lack of motivation that hits you when you find you are not too good…

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Questions! 640 480 Kirtanya

There are days that ask questions and days that answer questions. There are weeks that ask questions and weeks that answer questions. There are months that ask questions and months that answer questions. And there are years that ask questions and years that answer questions. Some questions find their answer within days. Like, “What diet…

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4 things to know before you give psychiatric medicines to your teen
4 things to know before you give psychiatric medicines to your teen 1024 576 Kirtanya

The girl was hardly 18 years. She looked extremely beautiful. She approached me in the break and said, “Ma’am, I want my parents to trust me. They kill me with their watchfulness.” “That must be frustrating indeed!” I encouraged her gently to speak further. “Yes. I loved a man and it didn’t sit well with…

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Teens Taking Flight – 1
Teens Taking Flight – 1 1024 709 Kirtanya

Hi, I am Mahesh and I doing my 11th standard in Chennai. This article is based on my understandings and experiences in Flying Elephant programme after one day at the workshop. I always thought my life was boring and a total disaster. I was never motivated. Fear was one dominant ghost in my life. My…

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5 clever strategies to deal with your kid’s difficult questions
5 clever strategies to deal with your kid’s difficult questions 1024 681 Kirtanya

Some people gett upset when they are unable to answer their kid’s question. Especially if those questions touch an already raw nerve. I met a woman recently who was upset at the status her husband enjoyed in their family. “Well, he is the eldest. He does so much more to the family. Why should his cousin be treated…

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6 check points before you term your teen lazy!
6 check points before you term your teen lazy! 600 315 Kirtanya

These days, almost every parent of a teenager who comes to me complains that their ward is quite intelligent but lazy. LAZY BEYOND BELIEF!! There are endless tales of how they wake up 15 minutes before school bus arrives, how they start studying only the day before the exams, how their rooms are messy and…

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Parent-Deaf?! 400 300 Kirtanya

Do you have a child who is parent-deaf? The symptom is that the hearing with respect to friends is phenomenally high. But when it comes to you, especially the mother, he/she goes stone-deaf. Your ward knows exactly how to step around your limits and get his way… every time! What causes such a selectively deaf…

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Do you know that the best intentions with your children have been your worst ideas damages your child for the rest of its life? Know Your Kid will give you the know how you need to be effective with your children Get the best out of you just for the the sake of your child …

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We Are Hiring Young Talents…
We Are Hiring Young Talents… 150 150 Kirtanya

We are hiring! MindFresh is looking out for fresh talent – internship trainees welcome to apply for the posts of creative content writers and energetic & spirited marketing executives and technical developers. Final year college students who want to try the real world, have wheels as feet, connect to exciting people every day, shoot your…

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