About Kirtanya

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Author

Anyone can talk. But only a few can influence. Of those who can influence the youth, Kirtanya probably comes somewhere near the very top. Her power explodes across every one of her speeches and write-ups and reaches straight to the listener’s heart.

The CEO of one of the fastest growing Companies of Tamilnadu, MindFresh TrainingKirtanya has directly influenced over 10,00,000 Youth in her workshops to take responsibility for their life, be healed of their traumas and stay focused on cultivating a great character as much as cultivating a successful future.

Born in a small village, battling against all odds of being a woman in a society that insists on keeping them away from speaking their minds, from expressing their power, Kirtanya‘s journey to be a very powerful leader who fears no one when it comes to speaking what is right, is indeed a fascinating one.

A much sought after Motivational speaker in India, and a mind-trainer for various successful organizations, Kirtanya has a great gift to offer this generation of students, parents, families, and anyone who would like to grow to their fullest human potential. Her workshops are a unique combination of cutting edge brain science with a refreshing spirituality that transcends all religions.

Kirtanya speaks on various themes central to the Tamil families in her TV programs in the Top Tamil News channels like Puthuyugham and her own youtube channel: Kirtanya, MindFresh Training.

It is indeed a great blessing for the Tamil people everywhere that we have this inspiring and intelligent woman as one among us, speaking to us in our language, championing our culture, at the same time making us aware of the ineffective, superstitious practices that have taken us away from our true greatness over a period of time.
Listening to Kirtanya directly and having a powerful awakening of your own heart to the true joys of life is indeed an experience of a lifetime.