About Focus for the Boards

FOCUS for the Boards is two days – 4 hrs  power packed workshop for board appearing students studying in Grades X, XI and  XII irrespective of the board they study in.

Why should you participate? 
  • First, prepare for the exam with in fact, the right psychology
  • Also, get your mind ready to do the hard work
  • Furthermore, learn the study techniques and tips that will help to increase grasping and concentration
  • Also, insights on healthy eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Above all, cultivate habits for sustained performance
Is it only for school subjects? 

In case you are preparing for a competitive exams like IIT/JEE, NEET, GRE, GMAT, CLA etc., simultaneously, then this workshop will help you save a lot of energy and put in your best effort for the final lap of your preparation.

Parents, if your teen finds that 24 hours a day is not enough to shuttle between his school, assessments, tuition as well as tuition tests, and also, entrance exams Preparations?  Enroll in FOCUS for the Boards workshop and hence, to make them more effective in their performance and strategizing to achieve both their goals.

What they need is not loads of advice rather, right techniques to bring the best in the shortest possible time!

Dec 22th – 23th, 2018.
Jan 2th – 3th, 2019.

For details contact: 98408 41487

Yes, very true.. But in the last 20 years, many things have changed like, overexposure to technology, cost & choices of higher education, peer and parent pressure leading to increased stress levels. We cannot be the constant in the ever changing world. When it comes to the performance of our teen, why should we take chances? Here is a program that is surely going to help them in more ways than one. What do we stand to lose? Only some money or energy and time in terms of appearing for the workshop. But what if the workshop is going to be the turning point in their life with respect to board exams? What if the workshop is going to equip them with positivity and courage to face the exams? What if it is going to ensure that they perform to their best potential? So, we would urge you to give a chance for your teens to interact with Kirtanya, get to know the impact that MindFresh does with teens. Enroll today, since we have only limited seats!    
You cannot blame only your teen for the lack of interest in studies. There are hundreds of reasons as why he is not focused on his performance – the mind that is focussed on fun and pleasure, difficulty in grasping tough concepts, self doubt, ineffective study techniques, peer pressure, gadgets addiction, indulging in wrong habits, etc. etc.,
Send them for the Focus Workshop which will help them to fit their board exams in the right place in their life, understand their mind and behavior, to empower them for peak performance.
Right mentor, right methodology, right guidance, right peer group, right focus can do the magic in your teens, that you have not been able to do!  
School and academic coaching centers mostly focus on the subjects, conducts tests and assignments to make sure that they covered the syllabus. Some schools/teachers even ensure that the book is recited backwards without a glitch!
Our workshop is a tuition for their mind! Many a times we find that our children could have done much better, if they had had more confidence in themselves, better control over their time and grit to put in consistent effort for their goals. We give them practical mind and brain techniques that they can implement. Also to get them on right track, if they fall back. Help them to be more organised with their work. Let them take the ownership of their exams!
Many times we have seen that a small break from the routine gives the best results. Just two evenings with MindFresh is going to be a game changer in their life. They will continue what they left with much more energy and focus.
This program will make them focus to perform at their peak for the upcoming 4 months.
The classes conducted by the colleges are really helpful, to both the college and the students, because the students get to see the college, the facilities and courses. Secondly, they focus more on training the students on subjects – blueprints, question paper syllabus and exam tips. The same is the case with the programs conducted by media.
We talk to them more about training the brain to focus, tackling the subjects using the whole brain study techniques and memory skills. We also work on creating effective habits in place.
And most importantly we work on the mindset that they carry about themselves, their academic performance, goals and aims, and what they could achieve if they were not afraid of failures!
Working with the mind and brain is not that easy or predictable. It does not look at comforts and conveniences, once it understands the importance.
Many times we have seen that an idea slept over is more effective than a mere input. The brain needs a break to remember what it has learnt. Moreover the students may have some doubts that they might clarify, the next day.
The workshop methodology is time tested, we can assure that the second trip will be worth it as well!