Find things to love.

Find things to love. 150 150 Kirtanya

You find what you hate.

You find what you fear.

You find what you love.

This is the unbroken law of the mind. Eternal law of life. Be fool enough to hate or Be coward enough to fear. But a better way to open up life might be to love.

To Love. Find things to love.

    • Kirtanya

      Hello, Fear is an emotion that many people experience when they are not certain about their future. Do participate in one of Kirtanya’s workshop to understand the reason and to learn the techniques to confront your fear. Please call us at 99529 74023 for further details.

    • Kirtanya

      Dear Sir,

      Negative thoughts are the thoughts that drain our energy and does not help us to proceed forward in life. There are lot of reasons for repeated negative thoughts. You need to analyse and identify your root of negative thoughts and handle it appropriately.

      Participating in one of Kirtanya’s workshops might of help to dig deep inside you. Please contact 99529 74023 for our workshop details.


  • raju

    Hi mam am depressed when I think my past. How will recovered and come back to my normal life.please guide me and fearness always with me whatever work I do.

  • Charunee

    Ms.Kirtanya,Greetings for the day..I have choses so many ways to contact you through social media..I have personally messaged you.but Unfortunately I couldnt get to you.I’m from Srilanka,I’m 20 years old.I have this problem of Postponing.I do all the stuffs at the last minute, which means I know and plan to start my assignments early still I’m unable to tackle with my timing.I want my self to be more time conscious.Please help me out and expecting for reply.Thank you!

    • Kirtanya

      Dear Charunee,

      We are sorry that you were not able to reach to Kirtanya. She is normally held up with her programs that she may not find time to respond. You can always email our office at contact [@] mindfresh [.] in for instant replies.

      Postponement is a productivity drainer. We are always waiting for a tomorrow to come to start action! Participating in a goal setting workshop by Kirtanya will help you get clarity about your nature and take measures to bring it under your control.

      Since you are from Sri Lanka, I am not sure how we can help you without being a part of our workshops. When you visit India in the near future, you can participate in our workshop and get a new beginning!

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