Teen Mind Parenting Workshop – Bangalore

Teen Mind Parenting Workshop – Bangalore 759 1024 Kirtanya

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A 4 hour program for parents of Teens – From 12 to 19.

Teens these days love, laugh and even show gratitude by clicking a button. Their emotions are driven by social media trends and hashtags. In such a situation, it is hard to know what appeals to their mind? Do they even care about studies? What are their issues? Whether to handle them or let it go?

If these are questions which go in your mind, then you should attend this workshop. This workshop will deliver insights into the teen brain and the way it perceives things. This will help you to communicate effectively with Teens who predominantly talk through acronyms and emoticons. This workshop will make you find ways to solve your teen’s issues and understand him/her better.

Knowing this will help the parents to understand the root cause to analyse the changes in the behaviour and guide them to peak performance. No amount of yelling, threatening or shouting is going to help unless we know the psychology of the teen-mind.

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