Flying Elephants

Flying Elephants 150 150 Kirtanya

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Flying Elephants is a 3 day workshop for Teens between 12-18.

Do you remember the epic Transformation scene in Baasha or Viswaroopam? Well, that’s the kind of change you will witness in your children after this workshop. They might be playful, inattentive, scared, non-participative but that is not their true self. That is just one side of them and we will make them realize their true potential through brain and mind empowerment.

This workshop will help them understand the changes which they endure in their age. They will know the science behind their change in emotions and attitude. On the whole, they will recognize their gifts and strengths to achieve their goals.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a 3 Hour session for Parents will help them to emotionally connect with their teens as well. This will help you get on the same line with your children.

For Registrations Contact: 99529 74023 Only 50 Seats.