Magical Child. Magical Beginnings

Do you know that the personality of your child, brain power, attitude are coded when the child is still in the womb and that you are the architect? Starting right from the first weeks in the womb, the brain develops according to the stimulation it receives. Magical Child, Magical Beginnings will train you to stimulate your body’s multiple intelligence’s to unlock his or her natural genius. The alarming rise in autism, hyper kinetic behavior, childhood schizophrenia and adolescent suicide are all the result of a child¬†not receiving the right environment in the womb and so is mediocre intelligence, aggressive behaviors and low IQ.

Magical Child, Magical Beginning trains pregnant women or couple preparing to have a child to

  • Liberate your baby’s true brain potential.
  • Design your child to be happy and confident.
  • Stimulate the multiple intelligence’s of your child.
  • Work out the emotional baggage in your life before you transfer them to your baby
  • Kindle relationship of love and intimacy with your spouse
  • Learn simple and powerful exercises to avoid c-section
  • Learn the care to be given at first six hours which literally switches on your baby’s brain in this world. The most important procedure in the birthing process.

And last please understand the significance of this workshop and don’t leave a life especially your child’s life, to chance.

Magical Child, Magical Beginning is offered as two distinct programs, one level focusing exclusively on the on the mind-brain organ and another on the body development. The participant can choose to attend either of the programs exclusively dependent on your need. However, the courses together form a holistic program and we suggest it will be in the best interest of the baby to do them both.

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