Super successful Company = Emotionally Intelligent People

Mindfresh Corporate

All successful companies share one powerful characteristic: They invest in training their people. And like you, their desire for the best quality people has compelled them to seek out for the most effective resources, the most impactful motivational workshops, leadership seminars, personal development seminars and the best coaches to help them attain, and maintain, their edge.

With Mindfresh you can maximize your resources, bring in amazing team building, Make your people open for change, engineer emotional intelligence, boost morale during challenging times or motivate the sales team to reach for the skies.


Sherene Beryl, Team Manager, Elsevier

The training was energetic, interactive, interspersed with videos, exercises and also, practical demonstrations. This has been one of the best workshops we have attended.
Above all, the concepts are useful in a holistic way, in both professional and personal spheres of life.
This training was organized well and also, the speaker facilitated the sessions well.

S. Sriram, Director, Associate Business Service (India) Pvt Ltd

Very effective and in fact, impressive and influential session by Kirtanya to our employees on our annual day occasion. Above all, the contents were understandable and also, practice-able. Simply Superb. Futhermore, wishing MindFresh Team all the best and more and more beneficiaries.

Sakthivel, Managing Director, Challenge Ads

Mind Blowing Session! It was well relate-able for our employees. The importance of right belief systems and also, emotions for good performance was an eye-opener. Keep up the good work!