Bird’s & Worm’s View

Bird’s & Worm’s View 640 420 Kirtanya

Look at things like a bird. Look at things like a worm.

Become the bird of the skies, whose eyes span kilometers and kilometers with no clear definitions of anything.

Become the worm, with its belly stuck on the ground, seeing just a few centimeter ahead, but seeing it with pristine clarity.

Generally, putting on the hat of “Why”, give you the birds eye view. Why I want to be an entrepreneur? Why my product is relevant? Why would people be interested? Why a person is behaving the way he is behaving? As many whys as you could probably ask.

Putting on the “What?” that gives you the worm’s eye view. What should be my first step? What skills do I need? What resources can I enlist? As many whats as you could probably ask?

A good marriage between the why and what, bird and the worm,  is usually the beginnings of a great achievement.


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