Are you the real you?

Are you the real you? 150 150 Kirtanya

I guard my freedom with my life.

Most of us let other people influence us. Based on their opinion of us, we make our decisions. It is the fear of insecure people which rubs off on us, ultimately making us behave in a way they would like us to behave.

So someone calls me “Arrogant and Aggressive.”

Why? Because I must fall in line and behave like how they do. “Be humble so you don’t scare us…” is the bottom line here.

And someone else calls me “Bold and good.”

Why? Because I must fall in line as I represent something they have come to believe in. “Dare not show your imperfections” is the bottom line here.

Both these people have completely missed the point of my work.

Whether they promote me as good or denounce me as arrogant and evil, their opinion is, utterly immaterial to me.

I judge my actions by what happens as a result of them.. and not by how others view them.

It is only the sheep people who rejoice over every great opinion they hear about themselves regardless of its truth or falsehood, not me.

So, every time they put me in a box, a category, a character, — I will deliberately destroy the moulds in which I am cast. Or I will ignore them and proceed as I decide. I consider that training in the art of not giving a f***

“Oh, but you are becoming famous now. You need to be careful. Don’t antagonise people.” – I have heard that phrase a dozen times last couple of days.

All the more reason for me to tighten my grip on my freedom and behave exactly how I decide to, in line with my philosophy, and not how this fickle fame wants me to behave. I am not afraid of losing my fame.

And if you are hapless enough to school me on moral values in the comments section of any of my posts, then be warned, I will consider you a sheep brainwashed by the herd.

I show sheeps no mercy.

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