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Hi, I am Mahesh and I doing my 11th standard in Chennai.

This article is based on my understandings and experiences in Flying Elephant programme after one day at the workshop. I always thought my life was boring and a total disaster. I was never motivated. Fear was one dominant ghost in my life. My friends viewed me as nothing more than a stranger. I was the last one to be chosen. But things were never the same after I attended the sessions. I saw the world differently now. I began to understand who I really was and listened to my own voice. Things became clearer and I discovered the truths. It was then I realised the world is filled with critics and the only voice that tells the truth is mine.

I was always afraid- afraid to move forward, afraid to lose, afraid to change, afraid of being afraid. I know it sounds weird, but hey, trust me, it is the only thing that makes you fail. When you think you would lose, you’ve already lost. Everything around me was against me. Everything squeezed me into a tine little ball which I was never able to get out of. I have always tried to change myself but never succeeded at doing so correctly. But then, I realised the answers were always with me but I was looking everywhere else for it. Sometimes the answers to toughest questions stare right at your face, but you just never notice them, because you are afraid. Belief is the only weapon that can fight fear. It is the only thing that can beat the impossible. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe you can accomplish it. And the activities that we did in class proved them right. It’s just a simple choice of either listening to fear or listening to you, your beliefs. There is no way your believes can go wrong, cuz they always choose the right path for you.

That’s it guys! It was a great session and I’m looking for more in the next one. Now I’m actually staring to believe elephants can really fly after all!!😉

– Mahesh

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  • selvamani

    Hi mam i hope you doing great…. hats off you mam…such a wonderful speech yours… here i just want to thank to you…

    Thank you so much madam keep doing this great job…..

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